About Us


Leading Edge Industries is a new company headed by fourth-generation farmer Shawn Gengerke from Groton, South Dakota. In 2014, Leading Edge Industries introduced its first product, The Load Judge, to save time and money when loading grain. The Load Judge quickly became popular among farmers and others in agriculture, receiving numerous accolades, including Best of the Farm Progress Show, AE50 and Finovation awards.

Then, in 2015, Leading Edge Industries introduced Operation Harvest Sweep, a new product designed to reduce corn shatter loss by 80 to 85 percent. In fact, Operation Harvest Sweep is the first product ever to address this major problem since the corn header was first invented in 1954. It will help farmers save thousands of bushels of corn each year, helping to increase revenue while addressing the food needs of a growing world population.

In addition to its existing products, Leading Edge Industries has numerous other prototypes in research and development. No projects are taken on unless they can help farmers improve their everyday efficiency in clearly unique ways. That means you can expect each and every new product introduction from Leading Edge Industries to somehow change the way you look at farming.

Here at Leading Edge Industries, we focus on the hard problems and gaps in the agricultural industry. Through vision and an attitude that everything is possible, we innovate and build first-of-a-kind products that are designed to dramatically increase bottom lines and make the producer’s life easier.

6 Things That Guide Leading Edge Industries

1. People must always be more important than products.
2. Keep away from pride in your own programs, plans and successes.
3. Remember that Gods will and Word must never be compromised.
4. People must always be considered above making money.
5. Do what is right, no matter what the cost.
6. Envision and Innovate products that are worthwhile, not just things that feed the worlds desires.

Shawn Gengerke, Founder/CEO